Monthly Archiv: February, 2014



So you decided to take a look! Perhaps you’ll find out if there’s anything here you’d enjoy thinking about, or perhaps even talking about, with each other and with me. The Kingsland Series is a launch site  that offers a perspective on our history as Americans. There’s plenty to talk about!

My books explore relationships, too, how they begin and develop, how the personal stories of my characters shape their responses to their world and keeps them on a certain path whether they recognize it or not. Just as do yours and mine.

Whether we recognize it or not.

I’ll blog about the books in the Kingsland Series individually — the people who inhabit them, the times in which they are inhabited, what’s fact and what’s fiction and how national and international politics affect the characters in the series.

I’ll add pictures of the landmarks on Cape Cod that helped to form the backdrop of each novel and  pictures, photos and clip art that helps us all to understand the details better. I’ll try to include a graphic of some sort each time I blog. Since the series is so firmly rooted in history, it shouldn’t be hard.Molly's clock

Do you think, maybe, Molly’s clock looked something like this? It was mahogany, as I remember, and she considered it an old friend. Of all the things she sold in order to save the house, it was probably losing the clock that bothered her most. It stood for so much – respectability, wealth, stability.

I’m using it now because in this post I want to think about time — that is, the best time to post. I’m told that I should publish them twice or three times a week, but unless you tell me otherwise, I won’t. So far I’m finding that it takes quite a while to put together something I can be happy about. I’d be embarrassed to admit how long it took to upload this clock picture, and I wouldn’t want to have to confront that problem any more often than once a week! Besides, if I published three times a week, you’d get tired of me, and I’d get tired of myself! Even twice a week seems a little daunting, just now.

But I do think it’s a good idea to publish on some sort of schedule, and so I’m thinking Wednesday would be good, and if something interferes with that, then I still have Thursday before the weekend crowds everything else out. If there’s something you want to talk about more often than that, fine. But unless I hear otherwise, I’ll meet you  here on  Wednesday or Thursday nights.

See you then….