Books by Deborah Hill

The Kingsland series bookcover

Read all three volumes of the Kingsland Series by Deborah Hill — This is the House, The House of Kingsley Merrick, and The Heir. In addition to the Kingsland Series, you can also discover the real-life memoir that was the original inspiration for the series, Recollections of a Cape Cod Mariner: Elijah Cobb, 1768-1848.

The Kingsland Series concludes with publication of The Heir in March, 2014. The series is historical fiction — a reflection of events that occurred on the north shore of Cape Cod, in Massachusetts, and in New England. Sometimes directly, often as a mirror image, the saga of America’s social history has been played out on the Cape, from the Revolution through the Civil War, to the present. In this three-part series, Hill has created characters that are moved by the events that did occur on this narrow land, and that reflect America’s variable journey through the last 200 years of its existence.